New Alpaca Farmers

new farmers

Take a deep breath, you're in good hands! If you're a new farmer or thinking about starting a farm, then you've probably visited a number of alpaca websites already. You might be overwhelmed by all the information. We certainly were in 2006, and that's why we created this section—for new farmers like you!

Grandson Deklan feeding alpacas

As a new farmer, you'll have to think carefully about your business and the farming lifestyle you'd like to lead, particularly if you have a partner. We've found our alpacas to be a wonderful business investment and a great lesson in the value of hard work, careful planning, and meaningful rewards. It's also something we've been able to pass down to our children and grandchildren.

We were fortunate when we started, because we had a combination of business expertise and a desire to learn about alpaca care. Over the years, through trial and error, we've learned so much more about both sides of the business. One of our greatest hopes is that we'll be able to pass along these lessons and guide you in your journey to the alpaca lifestyle.

You'll certainly need a good understanding of your financial situation and a good grasp on how to care for the alpacas. But these can all be learned if you have the desire and motivation to start your business and become an alpaca farmer. We can be your resource along your way, and if you have any questions while browsing, please pick up the phone and give us a call! (717-867-2897)